Olive & Pearl

For Ages 2-5

Fairy House TreehouseShakers-OlivePearl_ChristopherDuggan_005

Written & Directed By Mara McEwin
Choreographed By Emily Bunning
Original Music by Anthony Rizzo
Puppets & Costumes By Patti Gilstrap
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Number of Performers: 2
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Under The Tangle

For Ages 8 +

Trey & Ashley Under the Tangle 8+

Conceived and Choreographed by Emily Bunning
Costumes by Patti Gilstrap
Original Music by Martyn Axe
Set by Ioannis Sochorakis
Lighting Design by Dan Ozminkowski
Running Time: 50 Minutes
Number of Performers: 5 Continue reading


For Very Young Audiences

Hatched Trio Egg 2016_TreehouseShakers-Hatched_ChristopherDuggan_016

Directed and Conceived By Mara McEwin
Puppets and Costumes By Patti Gilstrap
Music Composition By Anthony Rizzo
Set Design By Lauren Rockman
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Number of Performers: 3 Performers, 1 Live Musician Continue reading

Let’s Talk About IT!

For Teens

apple dropresize

Let’s Talk About IT!
Choreographed By Emily Bunning
Written By Mara McEwin
Film By Kinetiscope
Running Time: 1 Hour
Number of Performers: 6 Continue reading