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Great Hatched Review By
Brooklyn Heights/Macaroni Kids
By Aimee Leahy


Hatched:: Review by Alex Greenberg

Whatever it is that makes a baby laugh and clap and smile for forty-five uninterrupted minutes, the Treehouse Shakers have found it. In their inspired production, Hatched, parents and children are invited to sit stage-side and experience a day on the farm. They have the chance to meet, pet, and feed all of the farm’s furry friends from a lazy cow to some hungry chicks to a strong-headed rooster. Performed under the direction of Mara McEwin, this show chronicles the life of a newly-hatched chick, eager to explore the world he has awakened to. Along the way, the chick befriends the other veterans of the farm, forging strong relationships with everyone he meets. Through song and dance, the audience gradually joins in this beautiful camaraderie. A simple story of birth, growth, and discovery, this play is interactive and wholly in a child’s mind. Read More.