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Under the Tangle
Ailey Citigroup Theater
February 5 & 6 @ 11 am
February 8 @ 1 PM
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10 Burning Questions

Article Interview of Co-Founder Emily Bunning
on the Making of Under the Tangle
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Tuesday January 20 1:30 pm-4:30pm
Spark! Local Artist Workshop
THS’ Mara McEwin, Panel Participant
IPAY January 21-24
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When Emily Bunning first presented the idea of Under the Tangle, the story of a lost girl who becomes trapped and ensnarled into a mysterious labyrinth, I was immediately fascinated. The world in Under the Tangle is a land unknown, completely invented by Bunning’s imagination. With each new character, new crook in the path, new adventure that is waiting, our audience is given a visual surprise. This world she has created, is infused with loneliness, abandonment and overwhelming feelings of being lost. It is an emotional landscape that most children, at some point in their lives, can relate. In presenting work that deals with these larger life feelings, we expose our audiences to work that will help them navigate their own feelings in the outside world. It is empowering for young people to experience the main heroine’s ability to find her way out of the dark and twisted path and eventually on a journey of self-discovery and freedom. Continue Reading.