Directed and Conceived By Mara McEwin
Music Composition By Anthony Rizzo
Puppets and Costumes By Patti Gilstrap
Set Design By Lauren Rockman
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Number of Performers: 3 Performers, 1 Live Musician

Hatched, written and directed by Mara McEwin, is the original performance of a newborn chick emerging from her shell at sunrise to a strange and busy world. Told to the youngest of audience members 0-6, it is a first introduction into the theatre, while incorporating both the museum and farm. Performed through movement, handcrafted puppets, and very little human dialogue, the story is set amidst an American family farm. The chick is met by a feisty old rooster, a wobbly calf learning to walk, a gaggle of dancing chicks, a lamb, and a noisy nest of baby birds.

Intimately staged, young audience members are encouraged to interact with the newborn animals as they explore their worlds. Through movement and music, the calf learns to walk, the baby birds attempt to fly, and the lamb makes a new friend with the curious hatched chick. Audience members interact and play with the characters on stage; they give the chicks their feed, milk bottles to the lamb, are licked by the cow, and feed worms to the baby birds. Babies in the audience will be enticed by the animal sounds and textures, while toddlers will love watching and imitating their favorite farm animals as they come to life. Preschoolers will delight in learning about life on the farm and older kids will be entertained by the delightful storytelling, live music and dance. Hatched is a beautiful tale, told through exquisite visuals, music, and the exploration of baby animals on the farm.

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“Hatched is a delightful introduction to theater. As children meet farm animals and their newest barnyard addition, Hatched offers sweet and gentle interaction for even the youngest of audience members. Everyone will leave happy and content with lasting memories.” -Ellen Kodadek, Executive & Artistic Director Flushing Town Hall

“If you’ve been searching for the right show to introduce your tot to theater, you can’t go wrong with Hatched. When you have two kids under age 4 as I do, it can be hard to find worthwhile activities for both, but Hatched delivers.“
-Rose Gordon Sala, Editor, Mommy Poppins

“It is the only show I know that can stop to interact with the characters and pickup without a loss in plot. It is an amazing performance that guides and responds beautifully to children’s reactions and interactions.”
-James Packard, Theater Manager Long Island Children’s Museum

The children were engaged and intrigued and truly excited by the performance. The actors were skilled in eliciting the children’s curiosity, while the puppets and props-were sources of pure wonder and delight. Sensory stimulation from Hatched contributes immeasurably to the students’ cognitive development. The children have been chatting about the show ever since.
-Renee Iweriebor, Teacher, Community Life Center Inc., Arthur Eugene & Thelma Adair Head Start

Perfect Length, music was absolutely amazing, the set was beautiful and the actors were great!
-Alecia Whitaker Pace, Parent & Young Adult Author

Just Perfect!”
-Aviva Geismar, NYC Parent