Incorporating Dance into the Classroom

Taught by Emily Bunning

Taught by choreographer, Emily Bunning, this workshop begins with a movement warm-up so that participants feel comfortable with their own bodies.  These initial movements lead to an in-depth discussion about the elements of dance and how they can relate to the everyday classroom activities and goals. Bunning provides valuable ideas in approaching math, language, science, and social studies by incorporating dance.  Teachers will leave with a greater sense of their own role as a movement facilitator, specific exercises to take into the classroom, and tools to create their own movements for classroom lessons. Bunning will also address how to overcome limitations within the classroom due to the energy generated with the movement and the space limitations.

“After taking this workshop, I look forward to using dance as a way to calm and ready my students for learning.”
-Danielle Roedig, St. Joseph’s College

Creative Drama, Writing & Storytelling

Taught by Mara McEwin

Staff Developments in Drama, Writing & Storytelling for preschools, elementary schools, high schools and colleges can be tailored to your teachers’ or administration’s needs. With over 20 years experience teaching creative drama, writing, and storytelling, Mara fully engages teachers, as she leads them through a dynamic and unique learning experience. She brings creativity and invigorating ideas to teaching, and her lessons can easily be applied in the classroom. All Staff Developments come with a teacher’s reference package. She can provide an hour, to an entire weekend of workshop learning.

“Thank YOU! The teachers all raved about your workshop. And I had a chance to look through the handout you put together for them — what a resource! Thank you so much. “
-Paula Heitman, Lutheran Medical Center