Animal Rhythms

Urban Baby Daily
“Everybody Dance Now! Any kid will tell you, entertainment-wise, it’s hard to top an animal story with a good beat. Animal Rhythms invites kids to explore rhythm and modern dance following several animals as they learn about helping, sharing, working and friendship. Get ready to dance!”

Coyote’s Dance

New York Times
“In the captivating Coyote’s Dance, an interactive spectacle, the proud, clever coyote of American Indian legend is being imaginatively incarnated by Treehouse Shakers.”
-Laurel Graeber, Editor
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Desert Travels

“We had a perfect time watching Desert Travels! We are officially groupies!”
-Madeline Reiss and Family, NYC

Urban Baby Daily
“This celebration of Middle Eastern culture is entertaining and heartwarming.”
-Susan Maloney, Editor


“Hatched is a delightful introduction to theater. As children meet farm animals and their newest barnyard addition, Hatched offers sweet and gentle interaction for even the youngest of audience members. Everyone will leave happy and content with lasting memories.”
-Ellen Kodadek, Executive & Artistic Director Flushing Town Hall, Queens, NY

“It is the only show I know that can stop to interact with the characters and pickup without a loss in plot. It is an amazing performance that guides and responds beautifully to children’s reactions and interactions.”
-James Packard, Theater Manager, Long Island Children’s Museum

“It made my 7 month old giggle! And I LOVED it!” -Audience member, BAM Hillman, child age 7 months

“If you’ve been searching for the right show to introduce your tot to theater, you can’t go wrong with Hatched. When you have two kids under age 4 as I do, it can be hard to find worthwhile activities for both, but Hatched delivers.“
-By Rose Gordon Sala, Editor, Mommy Poppins

“The children were engaged, intrigued and truly excited by the performance. The actors were skilled in eliciting the children’s curiosity, while the puppets and props were sources of pure wonder and delight. Sensory stimulation from Hatched contributes immeasurably to the students’ cognitive development. The children have been chatting about the show ever since.”
-Renee Iweriebor, Teacher, Community Life Center Inc., Arthur Eugene & Thelma Adair Head Start, NYC

“Treehouse Shakers and its founders Mara McEwin and Emily Bunning, have definitely made an impact, entertaining and educating audiences of all ages.”
-Elias Stimac, In the Land of Cleave, Clevland, OH

Mommy Poppins

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-Shelley Goldberg
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Let’s Talk About IT!

Canarsie High School
“The Brooklyn STEP from Canarsie High School had the pleasure of attending “Let’s Talk About IT!” Students and staff found the play to be enjoyable and interesting, coupling the theme of relationships with the notion of succumbing to peer pressure.”
-Lawrence Newman, Program Coordinator
The Brooklyn Skills Training for Employment Program

The New York Times
“Not many young men and women exactly dance through adolescence. But even the rough patches will have vibrant choreography on this dance theater piece by Treehouse Shakers.”
-Laurel Graeber, Editor

Under the Tangle

“The students enjoyed the show and were able to follow the storyline through the combination of dance, sound and words. Many of these students had never been exposed to modern dance before so the exposure was very beneficial.”
–Emma Clerihew, P.S. 111, NYC (4th Grade students)

“This is one of the best performances by the Treehouse Shakers. It’s really good. It’s even good for a kid who cares about video games.”
-Peter Ngowi, 8 year old, Audience Member, NYC

“Like the best of children’s literature, ‘Under the Tangle’ depicts beautifully how a young adventurer is capable of mapping out his or her own inventive routes (and roots!) through the darkest of emotional underworlds.”
-Julia M. Morris, Ph.D. Author, “Childhood Loneliness: The Creative Construction of Self and World Inside Story and Beyond” (dissertation, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2014)

Interview with Emily Bunning, Choreographer & Creator on Good Day Street Talk